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It’s an exciting time for University Medicine (UM), as our new Patient Center at 375 Wampanoag Trail in East Providence is now open. Eight of our practices occupy three floors of this newly constructed building that was designed to be a model of “patient-centered medical care.”

Back when doctors made house calls, the medical home was often the patient’s home. But the care was limited. In recent decades we have made great scientific and clinical advances, but at the same time, patients often feel left out of the center of the discussion and are responsible for coordinating their own care. Today, a new model of healthcare delivery is being adopted called the “patient centered medical home.” With its roots in the old-fashioned approach to caring for patients within the home, a “medical home” is defined as any place where an integrated team of providers can meet a patient’s primary healthcare needs, provide greater access to care and coordinate care and prevention. The “medical neighborhood” is a term to describe coordinated care across multiple specialties. UM’s new setting offers patients a variety of services onsite, and is that neighborhood of coordinated care.

At the forefront of medical care

UM’s Patient Center offers general primary care and specific illness (specialist) treatment. Each of our providers will be working in spaces designed to function effectively for either an individualized or team approach. By adopting this model, UM is providing high quality care with an emphasis on fostering a relationship between doctor and patient to maintain a continuous conversation through the patient’s various life stages and need for care.

What does this mean for you?

Having a core group of medical practitioners together in one location allows for enhanced communication and collaboration between the primary care physician, patient and, when needed, specialist, in providing assessment and treatment. This coordinated effort, aided by computerized medical records, allows our physicians to be fully attuned to each patient, and provides the opportunity for better prevention and increased efficiency.

The building itself has been designed for comfort and convenience, with an emphasis on natural lighting, warm colors and nature-inspired décor. Reception and check-out stations are designed for maximum privacy and time-savings. Waiting areas are bright and roomy and there is ample, free parking.

UM will also provide Saturday hours in East Providence to current patients that require care for an urgent visit. Plans are also underway to offer scheduled evening hours.

Our physicians and staff are preparing to welcome patients into the new facility very soon.

We think you’ll feel right at home.

Where is the new location?

The new building is located at 375 Wampanoag Trail in East Providence, RI.

Which offices have moved?

  • Primary Care at 285 Governor Street (Providence)
  • Primary Care at 1275 Wampanoag Trail (East Providence)
  • Gastroenterology at 110 Lockwood Street (Providence)
  • Rheumatology at Rhode Island Hospital & Bristol Medical Center
  • Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at 407 East Avenue (Pawtucket)
  • Hypertension & Kidney Diseases at Rhode Island & The Miriam Hospitals
  • General Internal Medicine at 111 Plain Street (Providence office only)
  • Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital

Why are you moving? How will this affect my care?

This location will allow us to combine a large number of our doctors under one roof for an added convenience in your care experience. It is our expectation that being able to provide you both Primary Care and Specialty services in the same location and potentially on the same day if needed will greatly enhance the high quality care that you currently receive with University Medicine. This facility will combine approximately 100 of our physicians and support staff in the same location. In addition, there is ample parking and easy parking lot entry and exit.

Has my doctor’s phone number changed?

Your doctor’s office phone number has not changed. There are new external phone numbers provided for each location, but you may continue to use the same phone number you have always used to reach your doctor’s office.

Is public transportation available for the new location?

We are working with RIPTA to have a bus stop added near our new location in the near future. Please check our website for updates on this information.

Will there be an effect to my insurance coverage?

Your current coverage options will not change, but if you have additional questions about this please contact your doctor’s office directly.

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