Primary Care at University Medicine

University Medicine’s primary care doctors are among the best in RI and specialize in providing outstanding care in their respective fields. Whether it be internal medicine, family practice or pediatrics we strive to reach the highest standards for our patients. To achieve these goals we’ve established Patient Centered Medical Homes at several of our practices and offer same day sick appointments as well as access to doctors who are on call 24 hours a day. We can also schedule Saturday sick visits if needed.

A long-term confidential doctor-patient relationship is fundamental to what we do. Our Patient Portal facilitates better communication with your doctor’s office by providing secure, convenient 24 x 7 access from the comfort and privacy or your own home or office.

Our internal medicine doctors provide expertise in general health, wellness and preventive care as well as the knowledge to treat common diseases such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, anemia and Lyme disease, among others.

University Medicine is home to nationally and internationally renowned doctors in several medical specialties. Our primary care patients are afforded quick, convenient access to these specialists and can count on coordinated care and seamless communication throughout the process.

Most University Medicine practices are accepting new patients. Please click here to inquire about openings and we’ll help find the doctor who’s right for you.

Primary Care Providers

Michelle A. Anvar, MDEast Providence, RI
Kimberly Babb, MDEast Providence, RI
Francis X. Basile, MDEast Providence, RI
Courtney Clark Bilodeau, MDProvidence, RI
Thomas A. Bledsoe, MDEast Providence, RI
Erika Litvin Bloom, PhDEast Providence, RI
Paul Breiding, MDProvidence, RI
Stephanie Catanese, MDEast Providence, RI
Sybil Cineas, MDProvidence, RI
Patricia A. Cioe, PhD, RNPEast Providence, RI
Michele Cyr, MDEast Providence, RI
Christine Duffy, MD, MPHEast Providence, RI
Charlene A. Ellsworth, MD, PhDEast Providence, RI
Mark Fagan, MDProvidence, RI
Laura M. Flynn Edmonds, MDEast Providence, RI
Peter Friedmann, MD, MPHProvidence, RI
Rebekah Gardner, MDProvidence, RI
Mark Godfrey, MDProvidence, RI
Geetika Gupta, MDEast Providence, RI
Ross W. Hilliard, MDEast Providence, RI
Jennifer Jeremiah, MDEast Providence, RI
Michael Johnson, MDEast Providence, RI
Odile Kamanzi, MDWarwick, RI
Hussain R. Khawaja, MDProvidence, RI
Karen Kimel-Scott, MDProvidence, RI
Warren Licht, MDProvidence, RI
Michael Maher, MDProvidence, RI
Steven Mallozzi, MDProvidence, RI
Donnah Mathews, MDProvidence, RI
Jennifer L. Maude, MDProvidence, RI
Kate Mavrich, MDProvidence, RI
Kelly McGarry, MDEast Providence, RI
Dino A. Messina, MD, PhD, FACPProvidence, RI
Drew E. Nagle, MDEast Providence, RI
East Greenwich, RI
Carolynn Joy Nassar, MDEast Providence, RI
Khyati Patel, MDWarwick, RI
Marina Rodriguez, MDEast Providence, RI
J. Mark Ryan, MDEast Providence, RI
Mark Schleinitz, MDProvidence, RI
Stephen M. Scott, MDWarwick, RI
Mae Shen, MDEast Greenwich, RI
Mindy Sobota, MD, MS, MPhilProvidence, RI
Patricia A. Song, MDEast Providence, RI
Michael Stein, MDEast Providence, RI
Edward Stulik, MDEast Providence, RI
James Sullivan, MDProvidence, RI
Dominick Tammaro, MDEast Providence, RI
Tovah Tripp, MDEast Providence, RI
Robert Y. Velasco, MDEast Providence, RI
Page Widick, MDEast Providence, RI
Tony Wu, MDEast Providence, RI

Primary Care Locations

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