Women and Sleep Apnea

Nine out of ten women with sleep apnea don’t know they have it. Dr. Katherine Sharkey's collaborative research on sleep-disordered breathing in women was published in Psychology Today, featuring the Society for Women’s Health Research Interdisciplinary Network on Sleep, of which Dr. Sharkey is a member.

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Flu v. Cold: What’s the Difference?

The influenza virus is now widespread across Rhode Island. Dr. Tony Wu explains the differences between cold and flu symptoms and the best ways to prevent getting sick, or spreading germs to others.

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Get Smart Antibiotics Quiz from the CDC

Test your knowledge about antibiotics by taking the CDC sponsored quiz available by clicking on the link below.

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Muhammed Ali Haider  Bajwa, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Gary Abuelo, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Anna Acidera, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Neha Alang, MBBSHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Jason Aliotta, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Eric Alper, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Michelle A. Anvar, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Karuppiah Arunachalam, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Jessica Attar, NPHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Sameh Attia, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Maroun Azar, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesWarwick, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC, Kent
Kimberly Babb, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH, Hasbro
Emily B. Balchunas, RNPPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH
Gabriela Ballester, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RITMH
Francis X. Basile, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRhode Island Hospital
Kim Basu, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
George P. Bayliss, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Curt Beckwith, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH, RIH
Milind Bhagat, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RITMH
Harikrashna Bhatt, MDEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC, WIH
Courtney Clark Bilodeau, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH, TMH, WIH
Ariel Birnbaum, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Navaneel Biswas, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Thomas A. Bledsoe, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRhode Island Hospital
Erika Litvin Bloom, PhDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Michael F. Blundin, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Alice Bonitati, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH
Lisa Borge, PAHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Rimini Breakstone, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Paul Breiding, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RITMH
James Butera, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH
Stephanie Cardarella, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH
Gerardo P. Carino, MD, PhDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RITMH
Raquel Carneiro, MDEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Benedito A. Carneiro, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH
E. Jane Carter, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RITMH
Philip A. Chan, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Vicky Cheng, MDEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH, VAMC
Nelson Chu, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesWarwick, RIKent
Sybil Cineas, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH
Patricia A. Cioe, PhD, RNPPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Seth Clark, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Paula Constantine, NPGeriatricsEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Maria Constantinou, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH
Keith Corl, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RITMH
Dominic Corrigan, MDEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH, VAMC
Susan Cu-Uvin, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH, RIH
Jeffrey Cumplido, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Joanne S. Cunha, MDRheumatologyEast Providence, RIRIH, VAMC
Cheston Cunha, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Lauren A. Cushing, MSN, RNPPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineWest Warwick, RI
Middletown, RI
Michele Cyr, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Erika D'Agata, MD, MPHInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Deepan S. Dalal, MD, MPHEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Rongras Damrongwatanasuk, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Kwame Dapaah-Afriyie, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RITMH
Julio Defillo, MDGeriatricsEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Thomas D. DeNucci, MDGastroenterologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, WIH
Jacqueline DePasse, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Don S. Dizon, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH
Christine Duffy, MD, MPHPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Jessica Durkee-Shock, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Debora Durkin, NPHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Anton R. Edwards, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Charlene A. Ellsworth, MD, PhDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Mark Fagan, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH
Dimitrios Farmakiotis, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH
Mary Anne Fenton, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH
Sean Fine, MDGastroenterologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Timothy Flanigan, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH
Laura M. Flynn Edmonds, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Andrew E. Foderaro, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Tonya Fontaine, NPPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Morgan P. Foster, MS, PA-SHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Peter Friedmann, MD, MPHPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH
Michele Garazi, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Rebekah Gardner, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH
Joseph M. Garland, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Bethany Gentilesco, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RITMH
Mark Godfrey, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Reginald Gohh, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Laura Goldberg, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Geetha Gopalakrishnan, MDEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH
Geetika Gupta, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Houman Hajiseyedjavady, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Fang Yin Hao, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Erica J. Hardy, MD, MA, MMScInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Ross W. Hilliard, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Adriana Hosu, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Susie L. Hu, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Zilla H. Hussain, MDGastroenterologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Omosede Ighile, MD, MSHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Ravik Jayanti, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Jennifer Jeremiah, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Michael Johnson, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRhode Island Hospital
Maen Kamal, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Odile Kamanzi, MDPrimary CareWarwick, RIRIH
Rami Kantor, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH
Kabita Karki, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Hina Khan, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Humera Khurshid, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Karen Kimel-Scott, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
James Klinger, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH
Olivia Koukoularis, MHS, PA-CPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Kris Kuhn, MDGeriatricsEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Edward V. Lally, MDRheumatologyEast Providence, RIRIH
Michelle A. Lally, MD, MScInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH
Jerome Larkin, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Jodi L. Layton, Hematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Paul D. Levinson, MDEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH
Andrew T. Levinson, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Mitchell M. Levy, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Warren Licht, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RITMH
John Lonks, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH, RIH
Mary Lopresti, DOHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Yi Lu, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Michael Maher, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH
Katherine Mahon, DOHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Subhankar Maitra, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Steven Mallozzi, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RITMH
Kalyan Chakravarthu Mantripragada, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Douglas W. Martin, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Donnah Mathews, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Jennifer L. Maude, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RITMH
Kate Mavrich, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH. TMH
Kelly McGarry, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Lynn  McNicoll, MDGeriatricsEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Anthony Mega, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RITMH, RIH
Basma Merhi, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesEast Providence, RI
Warwick, RI
Leonard Mermel, DO, ScM, AM (Hon)Infectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH
Dino A. Messina, MD, PhD, FACPPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH
Maria Mileno, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH
Richard Millman, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineWest Warwick, RI
Middletown, RI
Ashish Misri, MBBS, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Steven F. Moss, MDGastroenterologyEast Providence, RIRIH
Nadia Mujahid, MDGeriatricsEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Christopher Mullin, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Eleftherios Mylonakis, MD, PhDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Ali Naboush, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Drew E. Nagle, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RI
East Greenwich, RI
Aman Nanda, MDGeriatricsEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Carolynn Joy Nassar, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Gerard J. Nau, MD, PhD, FIDSAInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Lina Nemchenok, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
John O'Bell, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Adam J. Olszewski, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH
Joel T. Park II, MD, PhDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Khyati Patel, MDPrimary CareWarwick, RIRIH
Kimberly J. Perez, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Colleen Planchon, APRNHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Angela Plette, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RITMH
Kittichai Promrat, MDGastroenterologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Nishanth Reddy Pundru, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRI
Matthew Quesenberry, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Peter Quesenberry, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Vikram Raghunathan, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Bharat Ramratnam, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Paras Ranjitkar, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Sakeena Raza, MDGeriatricsEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Fatima Raza, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
John Reagan, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Anthony M. Reginato, MD, PhDRheumatologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC, Roger Williams
Harlan Rich, MDGastroenterologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Josiah Rich, MD, MPHInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH, RIH
Marina Rodriguez, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRhode Island Hospital
Francine Touzard Romo, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Donna Rondeau-Marzullo, NPGeriatricsEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Andrew Rowles, PA-CHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Abbas Rupawala, MDGastroenterologyEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
J. Mark Ryan, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRhode Island Hospital
Natasha R. Rybak, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RIRIH, TMH, Newport, Hasbro, WIH
Howard Safran, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RITMH, RIH, WIH
Fadi Samaan, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Martha Cristina Sanchez, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH, RIH, Newport
Fred Schiffman, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RITMH
Mark Schleinitz, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH
Stuart Schwartz, MDRheumatologyEast Providence, RIRIH
Stephen M. Scott, MDPrimary CareWarwick, RIRIH
Sairah Sharif, MBBSHypertension & Kidney DiseasesEast Providence, RIRIH
Katherine M. Sharkey, MD, PhDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineWest Warwick, RIRIH, Bradley
Barry Shea, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Douglas Shemin, MDHypertension & Kidney DiseasesEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Mae Shen, MDPrimary CareEast Greenwich, RIRIH, TMH
Suvash Shrestha, MBBSHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
William Sikov, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RITMH, RIH, WIH
Mindy Sobota, MD, MS, MPhilPrimary CareProvidence, RIRIH, TMH, VAMC
Robert Sokolic, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Patricia A. Song, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Michael Stein, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Rochelle Strenger, MDHematology/OncologyProvidence, RITMH, RIH, WIH
Edward Stulik, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
James Sullivan, MDPrimary CareProvidence, RITMH
Dominick Tammaro, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Karen Tashima, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH, RIH
Lynn Taylor, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH
Christopher M. Tessier, MDEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH
Tonslyn A. Toure', MDEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH
Tovah Tripp, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Robert Y. Velasco, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Corey Ventetuolo, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Jack Wands, MDGastroenterologyProvidence, RIRIH, TMH
Nicholas Ward, MDPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Erica L. Wheeler, MS, PA-CPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Mary E. Whittenhall, MSN, RNPPulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep MedicineEast Providence, RIRIH
Page Widick, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH, TMH
Dania Wilson, NPEndocrinologyEast Providence, RIRIH
Edward Wing, MDInfectious DiseasesProvidence, RITMH
Tony Wu, MDPrimary CareEast Providence, RIRIH
Edward Wu, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Kosuke Yasukawa, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Marcela Zebede-Blank, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH
Hassan Ziud, MDHospital MedicineProvidence, RIRIH

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